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Welcome to the Emergency Recovery Project Disaster Simulation Software. You can always access this window easily by clicking the "Info" icon at the top.
  Getting Started
Step 1Select your community
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You can select your community by either interacting with the map and zooming to your community, or just type your community name in the search bar below and click "Go". When you find your community, click on it.
Examine the profile
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Once you have selected your community, the commmunity profile will be displayed below. The profile contains information about population, historical data and hazard susceptibility.

Information Summary:
  • Soil InformationSoil information
  • Flood DataFlood data
  • Earthquake DataEarthquake data
  • Rainfall DataRainfall data
View 3D Simulation
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Enter 3D! Click the link below to enter the 3D Simulator. You can select your house type (roof type, wall type, foundation type and landscape) and view a live simulation of what damages may occur under different natural disaster conditions.

View 3D Simulator Now
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